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Baseball Rules

USSSA rules are in effect with the exceptions below:

We are in alignment with Bixby Youth Baseball's rules as found below:

1. 7U rec team batters will receive 6 pitches to place a ball in fair territory. The 7U batter will be given an additional pitch for a fouled 6th pitch and continue to receive additional pitches for foul balls after the 6th pitch. If the batter does not hit the ball into fair territory on the 6th pitch or does not hit a ball into foul territory on or after the 6th pitch, the batter will be out.

2. 5U, 6U, 7U and 8U Coach Pitch. Umpires shall call “Time” after every play and declare the ball dead. “Time” shall be called as soon as the lead runner is not attempting to advance. Comment: When a runner stands off a base and “jukes” or “feints” back and forth, this is to be interpreted as “not attempting to advance” and “Time” shall be called.

3. 9U recreational will play standard rules except for the following two rules: 9U recreational will have the option of playing 9 or 10 defensive fielders; the team must declare at the beginning of the game. The 9U team cannot start with 9 and then decide to use 10 players.

4. In the 9U recreational league the dropped 3rd strike rule will not be in effect. If the catcher drops the 3rd called strike the batter is still out and may not attempt to advance to first base. Any other runners on the bases may attempt to steal at their own risk.

5. The following are game time limits:

7U & 8U – 1:15 minutes
9U through 12U – 1:30 minutes
13/14U – 1:45 minutes

Game time clock starts after the 1st pitch, the home plate umpire will notify the home team score keeper the time. An inning will be complete when time is called (No dead stop time limit). The beginning of an inning starts immediately after the last out from the home team.

If the score is tied after the home team bats and the time limit has expired then the game will end in a tie.

Teams with less than eight players at the scheduled game start time will be given 15 minutes from the scheduled start time to field a team with at least eight players. The penalty for not having enough players to start a game is forfeiture. A game will proceed once the eighth player arrives. Teams can play with 9 players in 7U and 8U recreational without recording an out if the 10th player is not present.

6. Complete games:

     a. 6 inning scheduled game – 2 ½ innings will constitute a complete game if the home team is ahead, or 3 complete innings if the visiting team is ahead.

    b. 7 inning scheduled game – 3 ½ innings will constitute a complete game if the home team is ahead, or 4 complete if the visiting team is ahead.

7. Recreational play – Max 7 runs per inning.

8. Suspended games will be resumed by referencing the “HOME” book.

9. Recreational players cannot participate in additional/multiple leagues.

10. Recreational players must start defensively every other game. Recreational players must not sit in 2 consecutive innings. The penalty for the team’s first offence will be a warning, second offence will result in a game forfeit. The first offence does not reset for the remainder of the spring season.

11. Recreational teams will bat the bench. Competitive teams have options: a) bat bench, b) bat 10 using the EH, or c) bat 9. (USSSA RULE)

12. Recreational play: If a player cannot continue play due to injury, the batting team shall not be penalized an out for missing his/her spot in the batting order, unless it puts the team under 9 players. An injured player can return to the line-up. If the player leaves a game injured a second time, the player will be removed for the remainder of the game.

13. Pitchers are not required to wear a protective cup, however, catchers are required to wear one. (7U – 14U)

14. Use of an illegal bat: (Treated like batting out of order)

       a. If it is brought to umpires attention during the at-bat, the batter can change the bat to a legal bat and continue the at-bat

      b. If it is brought to the umpire’s attention after the at-bat, the batter is out and all players, if any, go back to previous base at the time of the batted ball.

     c. The head coach will be given a warning on the first offense, and ejected on the second offense.

15. Maximum number of three coaches in the dugout for 9U – 14U leagues and four coaches for 7U and 8U leagues.

16. Coaches outside of the dugout within arm’s length of the dugout fence should be noted as a privilege. It should be noted that they are treated as an obstruction if the ball touches them and will become a dead ball at that point.

17. Coaches certification is required for all coaches on the playing field. Each league will honor the home league coach’s certification for coaches playing away from their home park.

18. USSSA roster is the official team roster for competitive teams. The roster will be the official team roster for rec teams. Copies of a team roster must be in the team coach’s possession for all games.

19. Each team to provide two game balls to the head umpire.

20. Home Team – the 3rd base dugout, Visiting Team – 1st base dugout.

21. Uniforms must be matching jersey, individually numbered from 0 to 99 with matching pants and cap. All uniforms are subject to league and/or Inter-League approval.

22. Any coach or parent ejected from a game must leave the complex immediately for the rest of the game. If a fan or parent is ejected then the head coach will be ejected as well. If they are ejected after a game has completed, they must sit out the next game. If a player is ejected from a game, they must return to the bench and remove their uniform top for the remainder of that game. They may return for the next game unless the ejection occurred after the game has been completed. In that case, they must sit out the next scheduled game

23. Any rules disputes must be presented to the BYB, Coweta, JYB & UYB Inter-League Board. Inter-League board decisions are final.

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